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When you're away from home, it's important to know that your fur baby is being cared for in a happy environment that caters to his or her every need, just like you do! 

suite Dreams

No metal cages or cold floors here.  Our sleepover suites are designed to help your pup feel at home. Individually designed and painted in bright colors, our suites have plenty of room for your dog's own bed or one of ours, Each suite and bed are vacuumed and disinfected daily to ensure a clean and comfortable stay. 

The Rulez

All dogs must pass our daycare evaluation and spend at least three (3) hours in daycare prior to boarding.  

On the day of boarding, all dogs MUST be checked in by 12pm. This allows your pup time to play and be tired by the time bedtime comes around. 

If your dog absolutely cannot stay in the room (barking all night, clawing at the walls or doors) they will be moved to the overnight Manager's room and will incur the extra fee of $10.00 per night.  

There is no extra charge to drop off when we open. We can accept pups before 7am for a small fee. There is a late pick-up charge for dogs hanging out after 7pm.

Dogs staying beyond noon, Mon - Saturday will incur a half/day daycare charge.  There is no half day charge on Sunday's as we open at noon.  

We will not accept dogs for boarding after 12pm. 


A one night non-refundable deposit fee applies for all boarding reservations. (Military discounts do not apply to the deposit.)

1-4 nights    $54/night

5-7 nights    $52/night

8-13 nights  $50/night

 14+ nights  $48/night

A 10% discount is offered for 2nd, 3rd, 4th dogs!

​Boarding with the Manager: $10.00 extra per night over the above boarding fees.  Only a few spaces are available so early booking is necessary!

Additional AMENITIES

House food

  • $1.00/meal small dog
  • $1.50/meal medium dog
  • $2.00/meal large dog
  • Upon your request we offer Frenchie's Kitchen toppers of chicken, turkey or beef at $1.00 per meal (a blend of veggies and meat to add some extra enticement for your pup while they are away.  Its important for your pup to eat while they are boarding so we offer this at a low price in order to ensure your pups health!  We give a tablespoon or more depending upon weight of the dog.


  • Immune Therapy: for new, older or long term stays we suggest that you add 1 teaspoon per meal of immune therapy at $1.00 per meal. 
  • Digestive Guard: for dogs that have special tummies that don't like a change of scene, Digestive Guard offers a great addition of probiotics -- we suggest it for your dogs all the time! $1.00 per meal

Cuddle time with staff: 

10 minutes of one-on-one time in your pup's suite: $5/night

Cuddle animal:

A soft dog with a heartbeat which can provide an additional level of comfort for the first time boarder or pup that loves to cuddle with someone at night:  $6/visit


Bed and breakfast

All pups are given a bathroom break before lights out and again in the morning before breakfast.  For mealtimes, you can bring your dog's own food, or we can serve your pet our all natural diet. 

Puppies are comforted when they go to sleep with a little night music and pheromones to help them relax. If they are restless, we offer them a puzzle toy with a snack before lights out to help them adjust. 

For those who feel their pup will do better sleeping with a person, we can arrange that they stay with an overnight manager. We can only offer this special service to a limited number of guests, however, so please ask when you make your reservation. 

Day Play

Dogs need time to adjust to their new surroundings when they are boarded, and our staff needs time to get to know your pup.  It's important for your pup to spend time with us prior to boarding so that they know its a safe spot where they can have fun, and they understand that you will be back to pick them up. We ask that any new client spend at least three hours in daycare before the first day of boarding.  

Old Dogz

None of our overnight guests remain in their suites during the day. If you have an elderly dog they are usually fine in the daycare area and can sleep on a cot. Please inquire if you seek special arrangements; we may be able to accommodate depending upon the time of year.  

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