"My handsome Cocker Spaniel LOVES it at Whole Dogz! They treat him like family.  I can mention the name Whole Dogz and he starts whining and running to the door.  When we get to the traffic signal on Eisenhower Ave he starts jumping and scratching the car door; can't wait to go inside.  I love it more than he does because he gets to play all day instead of being in the house all day.  But the best part is, when I get him home he sleeps through the night.  YES!  Now I can sleep through the night without having to get up and play with him in the middle of the night."

"We boarded our dog here for a week.  It was the first extended period of time we have ever left our puppy.  She came back tired from all the playtime and happy.  Talking with the owner and staff makes us feel like they genuinely care about the dogs who stay here.  I love the vibe of Whole Dogz, and trust them with our puppy!  The facilities are great and I like how they have outdoor time for the dogs several times a day.  They board the dogs in their own rooms, with their own bed and toys from home.  Prices are very reasonable for the area."

"We still love bringing our dog here regularly for over a year now.  She loves it, we've had only positive experiences with the staff and owner, even regarding an issue with another dog.  Our dog doesn't come back smelling pungent and nasty like at other day care facilities, probably indicating how clean the staff keeps the play areas throughout the day."

what our customers are saying

"Each time we take my dog to Whole Dogz, she wags her whole body. She seems to love all the space to run around, and we love how reasonably priced this place is compared to other facilities. You really get the most bang for your buck here."

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