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Pack Play

Our facilities feature three large, indoor play areas, and one outdoor area. 

While technically designated for small, medium and large dogs, sometimes size doesn't matter. We will evaluate your dog  free and pick a pack based on personality and play style.


Monday-Friday:   7am - 7pm
Saturday:             8am - 6pm 
Sunday:              12pm - 5pm

We can accept pups early for a small fee. There is a late pick-up charge for dogs hanging out after closing.


Pay by the Day:

  • 3-Hour Mini Day           $15
  • Half Day (3-6 hours)     $25
  • Full Day (6+ hours)       $33


3-Hour Packages:

  • 10 days   $130 ($13/day)
  • 20 days   $220 ($11/day)
  • 30 days   $270 ($9/day)

Half Day Packages:

  • 10 days   $230 ($23/day)
  • 20 days   $420 ($21/day)
  • 30 days   $570 ($19/day)

Full Day Packages:

  • 10 days  $310 ($31/day)
  • 20 days  $580 ($29/day)
  • 30 days  $810 ($27/day)

Gym/Fun Room

  • 1 hour of play $25.00
  • 1/2 hour during daycare $10.00
  • 1 hour of play supervised by owner: $15.00
  • Please call to schedule in advance

Please complete our Enrollment Form before your first visit to save time. 

Sustainable, Safe and Clean

To do our part for the environment, we have installed Power Loos in each play area. Instead of scooping bags of poo that then go to a landfill, we flush the waste away! This also helps keep our daycare floors as fresh as can be. 

We use sealed rubber flooring, which is better for both doggie and human feet.  We clean with all natural products to provide the healthiest of environments for your pooch. We also use compact fluorescent/LED lights throughout our facility.

When your pups leave for the day, we will give each of them a rub down with our organic grooming cloths to make certain that they leave smelling sweet! 

Fresh Air 

Because we know that outdoor time is important to your dog, we have a wonderful fresh air play area. Our outdoor play space includes pet grass to encourage dogs to continue use a grassy area to do their business while they are here. Your pups will go outside four times per day while in daycare, and an extra two times while boarding with us.   

With our indoor air purification system and large glass garage door, your dog will enjoy plenty of sunshine and fresh air all day.   

Custom exercise in our fun room

For the pup that needs an extra release of energy, help losing a few pounds or a way to keep joints limber, we offer a special exercise fun room.  With a treadmill, agility equipment, rocks, ramps and a sandbox,   we can give your dog some gym time for small additional fee. This is also great for pups that need to move but have difficulty adjusting to a daycare environment. Its also an option for those attending daycare regularly and want a change of pace.   Give us a call to discuss today! 

Doggie Daycare in Alexandria

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