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One should not wake

a sleeping dog.

When you're away from home, it's important to know that your fur baby is being cared for in a happy environment that caters to his or her every need, just as you do! 

Suite Dreams


No metal cages or cold floors here. 


Our dog boarding suites are designed to help your pup feel at home. Individually designed and painted in bright colors, our suites have plenty of room for your dog to sleep and eat and be comfortable in their own special space. We don't use metal crates and our suites include windows, allowing your pup to see out. We researched many suites on the market and found that our custom designed suites help pups adjust to being away.  Our suites are different because they exude a comfy homelike spot to make your precious pup feel more comfortable while they are with us.  While we don't accept outside bedding, you are welcome to bring a t-shirt that smells like you.  We also offer 10% discounts on any food or toy purchased at boarding drop off or pick up, to give your pup an extra treat.


Each suite is vacuumed and disinfected daily to ensure a clean and comfortable stay. 

We also always go the extra mile to make certain your dog is eating.  Dogs can sometimes get nervous while boarding and are not interested in their own food.  We have a variety of freeze dried, or wet foods , or gently cooked frozen foods which we utilize to encourage your pup to eat.  We also recommend Immunity medicinal mushrooms to help boost their immune system - we actually have our pups on them year round! 

All dogs have a kennel card on their suite, with their picture and staff marks off every meal that is eaten and medicine that is delivered.  If pups don't eat breakfast, we have them come back up for lunch for another crack and can add wet food, freeze dried or gently cooked food to help them eat.  You don't get that kind of attention just anywhere!  

Suite Dreams
Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast

All pups are given a bathroom break before lights out and again in the morning before breakfast.  For mealtimes, you can bring your dog's own food packaged by meal, or we can serve your pet our all natural diet. 

Puppies are comforted when they go to sleep with a little night music to help them relax. If they are restless, we can offer them a puzzle toy with a snack before lights out to help them adjust - just ask for that add on.  We also offer cuddle time - extra time with our Supervisors in their suite to help your pup be more comfortable in their new surroundings. 

We do have an overnight manager to ensure that all dogs are safe and sound throughout the night.  


For those who feel their pup will do better sleeping with a person, we can arrange that they stay with the overnight manager. We can only offer this special service to a limited number of guests, however, so please ask when you make your reservation. Because this is an open environment, your pup would need to get along with all sorts of pups!

Bed & Breakfast at Whole Dogz
Dog Play
Dog Play at Whole Dogz

Dog Adjustment Time

Dogs need time to adjust to their new surroundings when they are boarded, and our staff needs time to get to know your pup.  


It's important for your pup to spend time with us prior to boarding so that they know its a safe spot where they can have fun, and they understand that you will be back to pick them up. 


We ask that any new client spend at least one day in daycare before the first day of boarding.


We suggest for your pup's benefit that you schedule at least several visits and we offer three-hour increments to help your pup adjust to daycare.

Non Daycare Dogz

Non Daycare Dogz

If you have a dog that does not want to attend daycare, either because they are not neutered or spayed, or they are older, or would rather not hang with other dogs, we get it.  


We do have a limited number of spaces for dogs that can't do daycare.   We still need to evaluate non-daycare pups, along with the same enrollment forms and vaccines certifications. 


Our evaluation ensures that your pup is comfortable with a variety of staff, and in its suite alone.  We cannot accept people aggressive pups and ensure that all non-daycare dogs are people friendly.  


Give us a call and we can talk through the arrangements.  


Non-daycare dogs do get four walks a day, and you can also arrange some time in our fun/agility room to break up the monotony of a longer stay, including scheduling a canine camp, or training while they are with us.  



All dogs must pass an evaluation prior to boarding. All daycare dogs need to spend at least one day in daycare prior to any boarding.  Its really best for boarding dogs to spend as much time in daycare prior to boarding as possible to increase their comfort level and help them ease into boarding.  

For pup's that are not interested in daycare, we have a limited number of non-daycare dog spots.  We still need to meet your dog to make certain that it's ok in a suite alone and that it is not aggressive toward staff.  

We also need to make certain that they are healthy.  


Non-daycare dogs receive four walks per day.  All boarding dogs also have the option of time in the agility/fun room during their stay.  This offers them a break - allows them to gain confidence by mastering some of the agility equipment, search for treats or dig in the sandbox and just have fun.  Let us know if you want to set this up when arranging the boarding.



All dogs MUST  arrive by 11 am. This allows your pup time to play and be tired, and adjust by the time bedtime comes around. 


If your dog absolutely cannot stay in the room (barking all night, clawing at the walls or doors) they will be moved to the overnight Manager's room and will incur the extra fee of $10.00 per night.  


Need Early Drop off?  Early Drop off is allowed ONE hour before normal opening times.  In other words we can accept dogs at 6 am M-F; 7 am on Saturday and 11 am on Sunday. We can't accept dogs earlier than that so if you have a plane to catch - please drop off a day earlier!

Dogs staying beyond noon, Mon - Saturday will incur a half/day daycare charge.  The half day charge on Sunday's begin at 1 pm.


All boarding dogs must arrive by 11 am.  


Unlike the other guys who stick dogs in a crate or force them to sleep all together in one room, etc.,  all of our dogs are treated to their own boarding suites all for the same price.  We think all the Whole Dogz pups deserve their own suite, with warm floors and a comfy bed.  We don't charge extra for bedding, we offer cots to those pups that want one and comfy bedding for those that prefer the stay closer to the floor.  

A one-night non-refundable deposit fee applies for all boarding reservations. (Military discounts do not apply to the deposit.) Holiday reservations are paid in full and are non-refundable but we do not charge a surcharge over holidays like many of our competitors.  

  • 1-14 nights    - $69/night

  • 15+ nights   - $65/night


A 10% discount is offered for 2nd, 3rd, 4th dogs staying at the same time.

​Boarding with the Manager: $10.00 extra per night over the above boarding fees.  

Non Daycare Dogs: $10.00 extra per night 

Rules & Prices

Additional Amenities


House Food

  • $1.50/meal small dog

  • $2.00/meal medium dog

  • $2.50/meal large dog

  • Upon your request, we offer Tiki Dog, or freeze dried raw food toppers of chicken, turkey beef or fish at $2.00 per meal.   We all offer a 10% discount on food, toppers, toys, beds, etc. at boarding drop off or pickup. 

It is important for your pup to eat while they are boarding so we offer this at a low price in order to ensure your pup's health! 


Cuddle Time with Staff

10 minutes one-on-one time in your pup's suite: $5/night.


Cuddle Animal

A soft dog with a heartbeat which can provide an additional level of comfort for the first time boarder or pup that loves to cuddle with someone at night:  $6/visit​


Fun/Agility Room

We know that boarding can get a little routine, so why not give your dog a break and schedule time in our fun/agility room?


Agility equipment, a sandbox to scrounge around in, rocks to climb.  We have not seen one dog turn it down yet!  

$10.00 per 15 - 20 minute visit during a boarding or daycare stay. 

Canine Camps: $15 for a 30 minute camp


Medication Administration

​​We are happy to administer medications for your dog while you are away (as long as it is not for a communicable disease) at the cost of $1.50 per administration. (Supplement Administration does not require an extra fee) 

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Immune Therapy:We highly recommend that dogs - especially those new to daycare or boarding, add medicinal mushrooms to their diet.  They boost the immune system to ward off bugs that their bodies are not used to.  Despite bordetella vaccines, canine cough can still occur in dogs.  Ways to prevent this are good food, probiotics, vitamins and medicinal mushrooms.  If you don't want to purchase a jar of them we do offer them for boarders for $1.00 per meal.  We use these daily for our own pups who never get sick!

Probiotics: for dogs that have special tummies that don't like a change of scene, our Probiotics offer a great addition to their stay if their tummies are upset -- we suggest that your pups use this all the time!! $1.00 per meal or you can purchase a tub in the store.

Perfect Form:  If your dog experiences an upset tummy while they are here, we will give them a teaspoon of perfect form.  It's a wonderful supplement that will help dogs that have that once in a while dietary indiscretion!  $2.00 per administration.  (We will inform you if we have had to administer this supplement).  You can also purchase this in the store if your pup gets into some nasty garbage! 

CBD:  Sometimes dogs can get upset while they are away and just say no to eating or are not happy in daycare - even when daycare is not an issue any other time.  We get it.  CBD is a great option to help relieve your pup's anxiety while staying with us - it's a natural way to stimulate the appetite and also helps relieve pain in older pups.  $2.00 per administration


Additional Amenities
House Food & Medicaton Administration
Cuddle Time with Staff
Cuddle Animal
Fun/Agility Room
Doggie Suites
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