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Anyone who doesn't know how soap tastes...never washed a dog.

Experts agree it's important to groom your dog to maintain a healthy coat.  Regular grooming can also alert you to potential health issues. 


Dog Spa

When your beloved doggie comes to Whole Dogz to be groomed, they are in for a treat! We provide a spa-like experience, complete with all organic shampoos and dog care products. 


Our spa offers all the traditional grooming services, and more. 


Spa Day: Ask about our Spa Days, which includes a free full day of daycare (if your dog has passed the evaluation) if you schedule a full groom.  


A full groom is either a full bath, nails, anals, ears and blow out or breed specific cut.

Rub & Scrub

Rub & Scrub

While at Whole Dogz, your pet will be treated to a massage with each bath, complete with a special shampoo that helps them to relax. No more groomer trauma! 

After the shampoo, your dog will be treated to an organic conditioner to help make their coats extra soft.

Our fur conditioner, applied at the end of their spa experience, helps to revive dry skin and coats. 

And, you can purchase a bottle in our retail shop to take home and continue the treatment! 

Special Treatments
Chihuahua Bath

Special Treatments

Madra Mor Mud Baths:


Is your dog shedding like crazy, scratching from dry skin or suffering from aches and pains? Try the amazing Madra Mor soothing mud treatment.


This  special treatment begins with a bath and then is followed by a mud treatment designed to meet your pup's specific skin conditions/needs.  


This includes an indulgent 10-minute massage to ensure that the mud reaches all of the follicles and skin.  Dogs love the massage and the feel of the mud on their fur and skin.  

Ask for:


Shed Safely: an organic alternative to chemical de-shed treatments.


Mango or Coconut Mud: a soothing mud treatment for itchy, dry skin, hot spots, and fungus.


Mobility Mud: a marvelous treat for your pup's aches and pains! Mobility Mud treatments focus on problem areas for your dog --they will love it while it loosens their joints.  




We ask that our spa customers fill out a grooming sheet with instructions below.  This prevents miscommunication and ensures that if there are any questions, the groomer can call you for clarification.  PLEASE SEND A PICTURE OF YOUR DOG WITH A PRIOR GROOM. (Don't send a picture of a random dog that you hope your dog will look like.  Every dog has different hair, texture, etc.  We will try to meet your requests but we can't make a lab look like a doodle!)


All of our spa day customers that have scheduled a full groom can receive a free day of daycare with their spa purchase!  Your pup must pass our evaluation in order to qualify and all shots must be up to date.  

Our spa rates are based on the size of the dog and the amount of hair: short coat, long coat, etc., as well as the type of service you are requesting.  


A full groom includes a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning and anal gland expression, hand blowing with a cool blower and brush out and/or a stylish breed standard cut.    

There is an extra charge for de-matting as that takes a significant amount of time for the groomer.  


Flea shampoo:  $12 above regular grooming price

We use an all organic flea shampoo which can be followed by our organic flea spray.     

Anal gland expression:  $15


Nail trim: $15

Hydrotherapy: $30 for a 20-minute therapy treatment followed by a blow dry


Madra Mor Soothing Mud Bath: $20.00, for small and medium dogs, $35.00 for large dogs (in addition to the regular bath price)

Policies & Prices
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