in Alexandria, Virginia


See Spot play.

Click the webcam button above to watch your pup play! Or you can go to the iDogCam App! 


Pack Play

Pack Play at Whole Dogz

Our facilities feature three large, indoor doggie daycare play areas, and one outdoor area. 


While technically designated for small, medium and large dogs, sometimes size doesn't matter. We will evaluate your dog and pick a pack based on personality and play style.  And sometimes your pup will move between packs, depending on the daily vibe. 


We are constantly watching your pups in the rooms and on our cameras up front.  And we will offer training advice if we think your pup would benefit from it and if it will make it a better daycare pup! 

While we don't allow visitors to peak inside the daycare floor because it would wreak havoc in the room if dog's saw outsiders, you can see the daycare hallway to give you an idea of the size and of course watch the floors on the camera up front.  


Sustainable, Fresh & Clean

We use sealed rubber flooring in our daycare, which is better for both doggie and human feet.  We clean with all natural products  - no harsh chemicals - to provide the healthiest of environments for your pooch. We also use compact fluorescent/LED lights throughout our facility. We use misters with Thieves Oil and air cleaners throughout the facility. 

When your pups leave for the day, we will give each of them a rub down with our organic grooming cloths to make certain that they leave smelling sweet! 

Sustainable, safe & clean environment for dogs

Fresh Play Area

outdoor play_edited.jpg

Because we know that outdoor time is important to your dog, we have a wonderful fresh air play area.


Our outdoor play space includes pet grass to encourage dogs to continue to use a grassy area to do their business while they are here. We strive to take your pup outside once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  While boarding they have early morning and late night outside time. 


With our indoor air purification system and a large glass garage door, your dog will enjoy plenty of sunshine and fresh air all day.  


Custom Exercise

For the pup that needs an extra release of energy, help losing a few pounds or a way to keep joints limber, we offer a special exercise fun room.  


With a treadmill, agility equipment, rocks, ramps and a sandbox,   we can give your dog some gym time for a small additional fee.


This is also great for pups that need to move but have difficulty adjusting to a daycare environment. It is also an option for those attending daycare regularly and want a change of pace or an opportunity to build confidence.

agility room1.jpg


Monday-Friday:   7am - 7pm 
Saturday:             8am - 6pm 
Sunday:              12pm - 5pm

We can accept pups early for $5.00, ONE hour prior to opening. There is a late pick-up charge for dogs hanging out after closing of $5 dollars up to five minutes, $10 dollars up to ten minutes and $20 dollars up to an hour late. 

Please follow the instructions for enrolling by hitting the ENROLL button and then let us know when completed to set up an evaluation.  Evaluations are scheduled  M-S from 9:30 - 4 and Sunday's from 1:30 - 4.  

Please NOTE: Be certain to fill in all of the questions, otherwise the web gremlins won't send it to us! 


Pay by the Day:

  • 3-Hour Mini Day           $19

  • Half Day (3-6 hours)     $29

  • Full Day (6+ hours)       $38

We offer discounted packages for 3 hours, 1/2 day and full day daycare.  Packages are 10, 20 and 30 days.  PACKAGES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE FOR ANY REASON AND EXPIRE 4 MONTHS AFTER PURCHASE.  


Call 703.751.DOGZ (3649) for prices.  


Agility/Fun Room:

  • 1 hour of play $25.00

  • 1/2 hour during daycare $10.00

Birthday Party Rental:

We are happy to open our agility/fun room for birthday parties.  Rental is $50.00 which includes your choice of birthday cake.  


Please call 703.751.DOGZ (3649)  to schedule.