Ark Naturals - No Stains "Fur" Me 2.2 oz


Does your pup have unsightly tears stains and stains on his/her paws? Damp pet hair is a natural breeding ground for bacteria and yeast growth. The most common is Red Yeast. No Stains “Fur” Me is an all-natural herbal formula which will boosts your pup’s immune system and help control the growth of bacteria and yeast responsible for the stains.   


Active Ingredients per each enclosed scoop:  


Olive Leaf Extract   36 mg     

Pau d'Arco   36 mg     

Vitamin C (calcium   ascorbate)   36 mg     

Oregon Grape Root   36 mg     

Exclzyme Pet   10 mg    


Other Ingredients: Chicken flavor (natural), rice concentrate, stevia 

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