Pure Colostrum Dog Allergy Zapper & Immune System Supplement for Dogs


Does your dog scratch and itch from allergies?  Colostrum made from a Momma Cow's milk, provides intense immune boosting properties that can help zap those allergies.  This Four Leaf Rover supplement made from pure bovine colostrum -- cows' first milk -- free from hormones and antibiotics. 30 medium dog servings (see chart). 

  • Directions for Use

    Dog's Body Weight in Pounds Amount Per Day
    Up to 10 lbs 1/16 Tsp per day
    11 to 25 lbs 1/8 Tsp per day
    25 to 99 lbs 2/4 Tsp per day
    100+ lbs 1/2 Tsp per day


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