True Leaf Dog/Cat Healthy Dental Gel 60Ml

Oregano and peppermint essential oils help clean your pet’s teeth and gums while freshening their breath. Peppermint oil works well to kill bad breath-causing bacteria in the mouth and helps improve breath over time when used regularly. Chlorella, a form of algae high in nutrients, has anti-inflammatory properties to sooth inflamed tissues of the mouth.
  • Ingredients

    INGREDIENTS Mediterranean Oregano Oil (2%), Virgin Olive Oil, Fumed Silica, Glycerine, Sodium Bicarbonate, Peppermint Oil (0.4%), Stevia, Chlorella Directions for Use: Apply 2-4 drops of gel to a dog toothbrush and gently brush the teeth. Can also use a finger to finger brush teeth. No rinsing required.
  • Brand

    True Leaf
Whole Dogz in Alexandria, Virginia

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