Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.

Orhan Pamuk, Author, My name is Red

Professional Trainer


Colleen with the Dog Tranquility Center is a wife, mother, dog lover, and a certified dog trainer.  


Colleen trains the Whole Dogz staff, and working with her at our facility or hers, helps your pup to know what is expected of it, both in doggie daycare and at home.  


Without professional training, dogs don't know what to expect of their humans, nor what their humans expect of them.


Rescue dogs can and often do come with baggage. This can be frustrating to handle, but with the help of a professional trainer, you can overcome these obstacles.


Giving these dogs a fresh start is a generous thing to do.

As the owner of rescue pups herself, Colleen knows that every dog has their own story, and how to help owners understand those stories and to ensure it has a happy ending.  

Colleen uses positive reinforcement, positive associations, bonding & leadership exercises, and fun games.  


This is reinforced with the Whole Dogz staff,  so that they continue positive rewards for listening, stopping play when necessary and coming when called!  


Positive training is more effective and lasting than alternative methods. Positive only training is not only a positive experience for the dog but for the owner as well.



Play and Train program: 


We want your pup to be the best it can be, in daycare and out.  Colleen will come to our facility and train your pup, alone and with others to ensure that they maintain their manners, are able to socialize properly and learn the basic training needed to maintain a happy home!  


We also team with Colleen at the Dog Tranquility Center which holds puppy classes, basic obedience, canine good citizen and service dog training.  


  • You and your pup will learn: 

    • Basic Obedience

    • Basic commands (sit, stay, come, lay down)

    • Housebreaking solutions

    • Leash training

    • Socializing children to train/be around dogs, and dogs to be around children.

    • Dealing with Phobias

    • Behavioral correction: chewing, biting, excessive barking