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Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.

Orhan Pamuk, Author, My name is Red

Professional Training


Owning a doggie daycare and boarding spot means we see all kinds of dog behaviors and understand how we can help dog owners be their best! Positive reinforcement training along with helping dogs understand what they can't do is our training approach.

Dog owners need the right tools to make them the best they can be, and dogs need the proper tools to help them navigate the world around them and with us humans!  

We offer a variety of programs from training while in daycare, at home training and we have a new program of canine development options for daycare and boarding pups - to break up daycare and to help engage their minds.  

Our trainer, Geoff Smith is also a Supervisor at Whole Dogz.  He has been training for over 15 years and has Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, AKC Star Puppy, and AKC Trick Dog training certifications.  As the owner of rescue dogs, and after work in veterinary field, Geoff saw too many untrained dogs surrendered.  Owning a dog is an amazing responsibility, and training owners leads to better K9 understanding and can help you both reach your full potential.  So take the leap to being a better dog Mom or Dad!

Professional Trainer



We offer a variety of training options, during daycare, at home or board and train: 


30 minute phone consultation for personalized advice on your specific issues/concerns and development of action plan of next steps: $45.00

Private Consultation: One one one private consult to focus on specific issues of concern.  This is followed by an action plan customized to your situation.  $150.00


AKC Star (Socialization, Training, Activity, Responsibility) Puppy: 6 week class for puppies 12 weeks - 6 months. Beginning obedience, responsible ownership, basic manners, good play styles, important health information for new dog parents, and more. $255.00

Advanced STAR Puppy: 6 week class for dogs 6 months - 1 year.  Learn more obedience cues, calmly, staying calm when away from owners, etc. $255.00

Canine Good Citizen: This 6 week class is for dogs of all ages, learning all CGC behaviors such as sitting regardless of what stranger approaches, ability to be groomed, ability to walk through a crowd, sit stay, come when called, etc.  $325.00

Confidence Building During Daycare: 6, 30 minute sessions working on building dog confidence through fun and games. $475.00

Reactive Pup: 5, 30 minute sessions customized to your situation and designed for dogs that are reactive to people or other dogs.  $385.00

Leash Manners: 6, 30 minute sessions working on your pup's leash manners and skills

From Rescued & Rowdy To Calm and Collected: Don't take a rescue pup home without signing up for this class!  This teaches you the dog necessities from food, setting up your home to receive your new pup, potty training, how to teach your new pup the manners needed to make you all create a comfortable home.  Includes 4 private sessions, 3 ,15 minute phone check ups, 2 day training (while in daycare) handouts & homework, treat pouch, etc.  A portion of proceeds will be donated to your favorite rescue group! $800

Board and Train: If your pup is planning on spending its holiday with us, then why not add some intense training while you are at it.  Your pup will receive multiple training sessions each day, according to the behaviors and issues you have personally discussed prior drop off.  You will receive 2 private lessons to teach you what we have taught your pup! $1500 (in addition to boarding fees). 

Canine Development Camps During Daycare/Boarding: 

Dogs need to have their minds engaged, learn new tricks, develop new skills!  These camps are scheduled M-Sat and include: Active Learning which includes free shaping, and active games; Cooperative Care - helping your pup meet new people, be groomed, etc.; Nosework: help engage your pup's mind by playing a variety of nose work games; Agility: our agility room includes a sandbox, tunnel work, weave poles, hoops, and other equipment; Learning to Play: not all dogs come with the intuition of knowing how to play with others.  This play time will help your pup learn cues that should tell them to stop playing, learn proper play styles, etc.  Call or email to get a monthly program calendar.

We also offer other training options, call or email us to get additional information and to find start dates for classes.  


  • What age do you accept new puppies?
    We accept new pups at 12 weeks of age. They do need to have their series of Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella shots prior to starting daycare. It's important for dogs to be socialized early and we also offer training for new puppies, including during daycare as well as Canine Development Camps M-S. So bring your pup on in and help them become the best pup they can be!
  • Do dogs need to be neutered or spayed?
    All dogs need to be neutered or spayed by about 8 months. Every dog is different and they mature at different rates. We will tell you if we think that your pup needs to leave daycare until it's neutered or spayed. The earlier a dog starts daycare, the better and more socialized it is in all aspects of life!
  • What is the difference between a daycare and non-daycare dog?
    We have some boarding spots for dogs that can't be in daycare because they just don't get along with other dogs. Those become our non-daycare dogs and are taken out 4 times a day. We also have some fun activities that you can sign your pups up for outside of daycare, including Canine Development Camps which they would need to do alone -- or some non-daycare pups have a sibling or two that might enjoy the camps at the same time!
  • I want to set up an evaluation how do I do that?
    Thanks for asking! We need to have you hit the Enroll button on this website and follow all three steps. When sending in your pup's vaccines, please let us know days/times that work for your schedule for the evaluation - which we set by appointment M-Sat between 9:30 - 4 and on Sunday's between 1-4.
  • How much daycare does my dog need to do before boarding?
    Well that depends! Some dogs just love hanging out in the daycare floor and don't show any anxiety. Others take a bit more time to get used to other dogs. If your pup is new to daycare, we always suggest starting with a few hours and then working up to a full day. An overwhelmed dog can get upset tummies, react aggressively, etc. We want the best for your pup so we will let you know how they are doing on evaluation day and provide you with some suggestions. Again, the earlier your pup comes to daycare, the better. If you have a rescue pup, it's best if you can keep them with you for several weeks before trying daycare. Start daycare with just a few hours and build up to a full day so they know this is a fun place and not someplace that you are dropping them off and won't return. Dogs learn quickly so it generally takes just a few times before they become comfortable and excited to get into the car and come to daycare.
  • What do you sell in your store?
    We truly believe in giving your pup the highest quality foods, so it spends more time with you and less time at the vet. We also have lots of natural products to help combat allergies, tummy issues, eye issues, ear issues, etc. We urge our clients to look at the ingredient labels on dog foods, and avoid foods with chicken, legumes, corn, corn gluten meal, soy, chick peas and sweet potato as they are all high allergy producers! Feel free to call or come in and we can help you navigate the crazy world of dog food, allergies, etc.!
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