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Whole Dogz currently has the following open positions


We are currently scouring the world for an excellent supervisor to help grow with our team!  The supervisor’s job is multi-faceted but the overriding theme is to ensure the safety and well being of the dogs that are in our care. 

The Supervisor is required to:


  • Check in all dogs that come into Whole Dogz for daycare or boarding using our kennel software system.

  • Understand the rules for accepting new dogs for boarding and daycare and relay those rules to potential clients

  • Serve as the face of Whole Dogz to current and potential clients, and ensure that their experience is like that at a Five Star Hotel.

  • Monitor the work of the Pack Leaders to ensure that Pack Leaders are taking care of the dogs, engaging in play with the dogs, cleaning up after the dogs and ensuring that the dogs are in a safe environment.

  • Ensure that the facility is cleaned properly, using the appropriate non-chemical cleaners, and keeping on top of staff to ensure that all dog suites are clean, that soiled linens are removed for cleaning, and that the facility is vacuumed and moped with appropriate equipment by the Pack Leaders. 

  • Welcome all new guests, explain the evaluation procedures, evaluate new dogs, and then take new clients on a tour of the facility. 

  • Ensure that the retail area is stocked, alert owners to low inventory, client requests for new inventory, etc.

  • Become knowledgeable about our supplements and dog food so that you can advise clients on the healthiest choices for their pets. 

  • Recognize any potential difficulties in the dog playrooms between dogs and take appropriate action – moving dogs to other rooms, etc.

  • Take appointments for boarding, andgrooming daycare drop off and pick-ups. 


The primary role of the Whole Dogz Pack Leader is to provide a safe and fun environment for the dogs in your care.  


You will be in rooms housing small, medium and large dogs.  Room placement is dependent upon your skills and ability to handle dogs.

It's not all fun and games.  Dogs go to the bathroom – all of the time. 

As Pack Leader, it's important to monitor the dogs play, make certain that dogs are not getting too rough in their play and make certain that some dogs are not left out of play and become members of the pack.  


This can include teaching dogs to sit, stay, and when to play!   We have balls, bubbles, music – all designed to help you during the day. 

This is an intense job.  You are on your feet most of the day, cleaning, playing and getting dogs ready to go home.  Breaks can be taken for the bathroom, but there are no “specific” breaks during the day. 

Pack Leaders in the a.m. shift are also expected to assist with the morning feeding of dogs, ensuring that they eat; the lunch feeding of dogs; cleaning of water bowls, kennels, floors, hallways, fences, and the outdoor area. 


Evening Pack Leaders are required to assist in the delivery of dogs to owners, cleaning the daycare room at night, assist in the feeding of boarding dogs, and taking boarding dogs out for one last bathroom break. 


Evening Pack Leaders are also required to clean water bowls, prepare the cleaning buckets for the next day, ensuring that all dogs are tucked in for the evening

Pack Leader is a critical component of the day at Whole Dogz.   You must be responsible and if you show an interest, we are interested in moving you up in the organization. 

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